Cameroonian President Receives Gabon’s Coup Leader Oligui Nguema


Cameroon’s President Paul Biya , on Wednesday, received Gabon’s transitional president Brice Oligui Nguema to Yaounde for a short state visit.

The Cameroonian leader is the latest to receive Oligui Nguema who is on a tour of central African states asking to lift economic sanctions on his country before the 2025 elections.

Nguema said he and President Biya discussed this in their closed-door meeting with some officials and how to boost economic ties between both nations.

Nguema who did not share specific details of the meeting is reported by sources to have explained the reasons behind the coup and outlined the work of the transition he is leading up to the organisation of the country’s next democratic elections.

The Gabonese strongman later met several hundred Gabonese civilians in Yaounde where he justified his rise to power, vowing it was to improve living conditions in their oil-producing nation that was ruled for 56 years by the Bongo family.

Nguema’s two-hour closed-door meeting with Biya ends the tour which has taken him to Chad, the Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea and the Republic of Congo since he seized power in August.

The general led a coup against Ali Bongo on August 30, moments after Bongo — whose family ruled the West African state for 55 years was declared winner of a presidential election that the army and opposition declared fraudulent.