CHINT Carbon Reduction Gets Underway as the Global Campaign Comes to a Close


• The time for global carbon reduction is now, and global campaign is in action.

CHINT Limitless has successfully wrapped up its global branding season, wherein it made strides in sharing carbon reduction solutions with more than ten different countries and regions, and set out to explore new paths for Chinese businesses to communicate with companies going abroad. “CHINT is deeply rooted in the global electric power market, and is constantly exploring the greater potential for energy transformation. Our desire is to engage in the sharing of innovative concepts and opportunities related to electricity throughout the world, and to work hand-in-hand with others in creating a greener world.” commented CEO of CHINT Electrics, Ms. Lily Zhang.

Spanning multiple continents from the East to the West, encompassing countries in both the northern and southern hemispheres, covering a period of nearly 100 days, through the combination of online and in-person methods, using brand summits, in-store visits and displays, live unboxings, green initiatives and other similar means, CHINT enthusiastically called on the participation of its global partners. According to figures, nearly 100 CHINT exclusive shops across 5 continents, from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America answered the call, and subsequently called on the support of client partners from fields such as solar solution, data center, HVAC and LV components, all with the goal of uncovering solutions for carbon reduction within the industry.

In Spain, CHINT and the local electrical associations jointly held a webinar to discuss the technical characteristics and application scenarios of the industry by taking CHINT products as an example; In Indonesia, CHINT and its local partners joined forces and engaged in sharing knowledge and expertise with over 150 electricians.

As it stands, sustainable development has become a global issue, and the power sector is at the forefront in terms of carbon reduction. CHINT is dedicated to becoming a global leader as a smart energy solutions provider. It will put the 38 years of industry expertise to work in tackling the global need for green energy, smart electrics and smart carbon reduction, giving full play to the cumulative industry leadership and project engineering and implementation capabilities, proactively collaborating with the business partners in over 140 countries and regions throughout the world, contributing to the global energy transformation of “CHINT Solutions”.

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Source: AETOSWire