Doctor Consult Through Hologram Gives Patients A Real Life And Personalized Telemedicine Experience


DOC (Digital Outpatient Care) is showcasing the world’s first holographic telemedicine consultation solution at its event this month. Doctors from Harley Street, UK, Cedars-Sinai, USA, and Mount Elizabeth Hospitals Singapore, can provide real-time consultations, diagnoses, and second medical opinions across the world through this technology. The attendees of this event had the opportunity to discover the process of how it works with a live demonstration. During the live demonstration, attendees were able to experience a live endoscopy with a nurse on the ground in Dubai, while the ENT specialist in another location was able to guide and diagnose in real-time.

No longer will a patient’s geographic location determine the immediacy, intimacy, and quality of healthcare. Patients can avoid unnecessary travel and experience a consultation or second medical opinion in a place of convenience and comfort. This reduces the risk of exposure to COVID-19 along with reduced travel resulting in a quicker diagnosis.  

The quality of healthcare for patients can vastly improve using this technology regardless of their location. This solution works domestically as well as internationally, connecting patients and physicians across multiple geographies and specialties. Specialties that would benefit from DOC solutions include, ENT, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Psychology and more, using various connected diagnostic tools. Patients can consult with world-renowned doctors from a place of their convenience reducing stress, travel costs, carbon footprint and coronavirus exposure.

Zarmina Jafar, Head of Strategy at THB Global said, “The value of having doctors present in a consultation room as if sitting across from the patient, gives an enormous sense of trust, sense of relief, validation and comfort. DOC (Digital Outpatient Care) solutions also offer the ability for global leaders in medical care to train individuals or teams face to face no matter where in the world they are. “ 

“This solution makes the best of international medical expertise accessible to the rest of the world. “Sheadded. 

Multiple presenters can be beamed at the same time, offering global leaders in medical care an opportunity to train individuals or teams face to face. The holograms can be beamed in ultra-high or ultra-low frequency with everything in life-sized proportions. 

Consultants attend capture studios in various locations such as Harley Street, London to be holographically captured and beamed into the Dubai demonstration. The patient attends a regional clinic near them to be seen. Through connected devices, the consultant will receive 2D images and video in real-time, allowing them to conduct an assessment, make a diagnosis, and provide the client with advice. Data can then be stored,and analytics run, in line with regional regulations. 

DOC Global, part of THB Global, is a Holographic Medical Consultation company launching soon in the UAE, with partners in London, Singapore, and Los Angeles.

Source: AETOSWire