Increased contractor awards in KSA boosts demand for Ariston Thermo


• Ongoing R&D continues to add value; ANDRIS R SASO and PRO1 R SASO among the most popular with contractors at present


Increased construction activity in Saudi Arabia has improved demand for water heaters from contractors. A recent report from Dubai Chamber of Commerce confirms that contractor awards across the GCC have increased in 2021 with Saudi Arabia clocking the highest numbers, going from 23.5 US$ bln in 2020 to 35.9 US$ bln this year. This increase has boosted demand for Ariston water heaters, particularly the electric models most in demand from contractors.  

Based on uptake over the past six months, the compact ANDRIS R SASO and medium sized PRO1 R SASO are the most popular among contactors due to their sophisticated features, Italian design and quality performance.

“We are pleased to see the increase in the numbers and value of projects across the region. The activity in Saudi Arabia is of special significance. The Housing Program, an important part of Saudi Vision 2030, has been well received by citizens and has served the purpose of attracting private sector investment into the construction industry. Ariston Thermo is strongly associated with construction so improvements in the sector are welcomed by us. Contractors usually opt for electric water heaters and they are now selecting our diverse product range of small, medium and big water heaters due to their improved performance, design and value-add on many counts. Ongoing R&D enables us to retain our position in the market” Says Alberto Torner, Head of Ariston Thermo Group in the Middle East, Turkey and Caucasus.   

The Andris R SASO model is chosen for smaller housing units because it is compact and has many attractive features including an in-built thermometer. The heating element made of copper for its anti-corrosion effect has a positive effect on the hygiene and purity of the warmed water. The stronger structure of the flange limits the risk of leaking and reduces maintenance needs in time. The storage water heaters can keep water hot for a long period of time due to a high-density and thick polyurethane insulation between the tank and the external surface of the water heater. It is an effective barrier against heat loss, optimizing the water heater’s performance. The Andris series products have a unique square shape. Their Italian design adds elegance and style to washrooms.

The PRO1 RS SASO comes with a 7-year warranty. A Double safety thermostat adds quality and long life while a magnesium anode fights corrosion. An enamelled tank made of high quality titanium adds to the design of this wall-hung unit.

Driven by innovation but still linked to its roots – this is the perfect mix that represents Ariston’s attitude and that pushes the members of the R&D department to develop more efficient, eco-friendly and reliable products always with the quality and design typical of the Italian manufacturing tradition. “ says, Hazem Al Khatib, Country Manager, KSA.

“One of the new additions exclusive to Ariston is TitanShield. It is a double action technology that ensures total protection against tank corrosion – the inner surface of the tank is enamelled with a layer of titanium. The titanium’s natural properties are boosted by the action of a big magnesium anode that stops the oxidation reactions on the tank’s inner surface, thus prolonging the life of the water heater.

Another new addition is the Nanomix system, with its new deflectors of water coming in that allows Ariston products to produce up to 10% of hot water more than a traditional water heater with the same capacity. And yet another is the ground-breaking WaterPlus patented technology that keeps the incoming cold water at the bottom of the tank, to ensure reduced mixing with stored hot water. This allows up to 16% more hot water available, giving the comfort of an extra hot shower.” , Hazem Al Khatib added.

About Ariston Thermo:

Ariston Thermo is a global leader in heating and water heating high-efficiency solutions, components, and burners. In 2020, the Group posted a turnover of 1.66 billion euros and sales for 7.5 million products; the group counts 7,400 employees, 70 operating companies and 6 representative offices in 42 countries, 26 production sites in 15 countries and 25 centres of expertise for research and development in 16 countries, and sells in 150 countries worldwide. The Group offers a full range of products, systems and services mainly under the global brands Ariston and ELCO, and operates leading national brands such as Chaffoteaux, ATAG, Racold, Calorex, NTI, HTP, as well as Ecoflam and Thermowatt in burners and components. Ariston Thermo shows its commitment to energy efficiency through the development of solutions based on renewable energy sources (e.g. hydronic heat pumps, heat pump water heater, hybrid solutions, solar thermal), the improvement of the efficiency of products such as boilers and water heaters and the continuous investment in innovation for the development of increasingly advanced connectivity systems. The goal of Ariston Thermo is to look at the future of thermal comfort, offering an optimal combination of quality, energy savings and care for the environment.