10 Instagram Accounts Documenting Cairo’s Quirks

10 Instagram Accounts Documenting Cairo’s Quirks

Collection of photos from the accounts below.

Cairo is a big city with little quirks, a unique collection of buildings and people, that has its own aesthetics. Over the last few months, several accounts have started piling up, creating a virtual museum of everything from Cairo’s ChillOut gas stations, traffic, Firehorse Ad sightings, Cairo cats, and a lot more. We’ve compiled the best profiles that showcase the one-of-a-kind run-down charm of the city.

Shababekna (Our Windows) documents interesting-looking windows, balconies, and stories of Egyptian buildings.

ElCats Project documents cats all over Cairo.

According to the account’s bio, the profile documents socioeconomic patterns in Egypt through chairs, which is a unique take on Egypt’s socioeconomic gap.

Through unsettling postures of mannequins in shop storefronts and windows, this profile possibly reveals details about Egypt through subtle imagery.

Cairo is well-known for its constant congested traffic, and if you look closely, you’ll always notice random details and easter eggs on people’s cars, buses, and trucks. This account documents them.

From beautiful calligraphy to spray-painted scribbles, these signs are works of art in their own right.

A thought-provoking account of trash, DiZebaletna (This is our trash) documents the endless everyday waste of Cairo in this day and age when global warming is on the rise, and reminds its viewers that “every piece of plastic waste ever made, still exists.”

The late Muhammad Metwalli al-Sha’rawi is one of Egypt’s most popular Islamic scholars, so popular that one photo of his is commonly found plastered on buses, cars, windows, and walls in the street. SpotSh3rawi collects spotting of the photo all over Cairo.

Another absurd common spotting is advertising for the Firehorse energy drink, which can be seen anywhere from 6th of October bridge billboards to microbus windows.

With the recent opening of a large number of ChillOut gas stations, this account documents their appearances all over the country.

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