15-Year-Old Egyptian Brutally Murdered in Organ Trafficking Scheme


A 15-year-old Egyptian was brutally murdered in a rented residential apartment in Subra El-Kheima by a perpetrator acting on behalf of an unnamed 15-year-old residing in Kuwait, reported Egypt’s Public Prosecution. The unnamed perpetrator was arrested shortly after investigations commenced said Egypt’s Public Prosecution in a social media press release. According to interrogations, the suspect acted on the instructions of an unnamed 15-year-old Egyptian residing in Kuwait who he connected with through the dark web. “The investigation revealed disturbing details as prosecutors examined the scene, discovering the victim’s body with organs removed and placed in a nearby bag,” a social media statement published by the public prosecution office on 25 April explains. The murderer, who has prior experience in illegal human organ trafficking, was tasked with selecting a child to steal their organs in exchange for EGP 5 million (USD 104,468). “After kidnapping the victim and presenting them via video, the murderer was instructed to kill the child live and to begin extracting the organs,” the statement continued. Authorities intervened and apprehended the perpetrator before the trafficking was successful. A later collaboration with Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior and Interpol successfully…

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