A Guide to Stylish Coffee Table Books on Egypt for Your Home


  In the messy world of the bustle of our homes, coffee table books offer a quiet escape. They act as portals to a quieter state of mind, a state of being. Just like a bowl of colorful fruits on a table, these books offer a delicious feast for the brain and the heart. More than just decoration, they’re also a reflection of who lives inside that home. They showcase the things that spark their curiosity, the beauty they find inspiring, and the knowledge they crave. For those that often feel overwhelmed from organizing and decorating their home, coffee table books can create a sense of visual organization, adding a touch of personality without creating clutter. Egyptian coffee table books delve into a variety of topics, offering stunning visuals of art, architecture, history, and everyday life. Dive into this curated list by Egyptian Streets and bring a touch of the Nile to your home. Cairo Eternal  This stunning coffee table book isn’t just a collection of stylish photography; it’s a captivating journey through the heart of Egypt’s dynamic capital. “Cairo Eternal” is the first Egyptian entry in Assouline’s Travel Series,…

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