Al-Rawabi School for Girls Returns: A Risky Reboot Worth Watching


The long-anticipated second season of Netflix’s hit Arabic original, Al-Rawabi School for Girls, arrives with a daring twist: an entirely new cast. This bold move comes after a two-year gap since the critically acclaimed first season – a gamble that raises the question of whether the show can recreate its magic without the characters viewers grew to know and love through Season 1’s captivating six episodes. Early indicators suggest the gamble could pay off. Season 2 has quickly soared to the top of viewership charts across the MENA region. Series creators Tima Shomali, Shirin Kamal, and Islam Alshomali skillfully transport us back into the claustrophobic world of privileged teenage school girls while tackling a distinctly modern struggle: social media obsession and bullying. Note: This is a spoiler free review of Season 2. Other than a brief description of the plot and characters, there are no spoilers. TikTok, Bullying Take Center Stage in Season 2 Season 1 focused on Mariam’s (Andria Tayeh) harrowing revenge plot against her bullies Layan (Noor Al Taher), Rania (Joanna Arida) and Roqayya (Salsabiela). While still offering its signature blend of drama, humor, and coming-of-age dilemmas, Season…

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