Al-Sisi and Bin Zayed Meet, Discuss Egypt-UAE Relations and War on Gaza


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi received Emirati President Mohammed Bin Zayed for a one-day meeting in Cairo on 23 March. According to the Presidency’s spokesperson, the meeting focused on bolstering the longstanding cooperation between the two nations by exploring avenues across various sectors, including economic, investment, developmental, and political domains. During their discussions, the leaders delved into regional matters of mutual concern, with a particular focus on the intensified endeavours to broker a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. Additionally, Al-Sisi and Bin Zayed underscored the importance of delivering humanitarian aid in substantial quantities to Palestinians trapped under Israeli airstrikes. The two leaders also shared sentiments about the importance of a two-state solution, highlighting its significance in fostering justice, security, and stability across the region. The United Arab Emirates is a key ally to Egypt, particularly during the past two years during the latter’s economic crisis. The Gulf nation has also quickly become one of Egypt’s largest investors as well, capitalising on the government’s privatisation programme by buying stakes in state assets. This was most evident after signing a landmark investment deal in February 2024, worth USD 35 billion (EGP 1…

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