Architecture, Cats, and Food: Arab World Twitter Account Captures the Beauty of Egypt

Architecture, Cats, and Food: Arab World Twitter Account Captures the Beauty of Egypt

Photo of the pyramids posted by the Arab World Twitter account.

Created in 2016 and attracting more than 200 thousand followers, the Arab World Twitter account captures the hidden beauty that can be found in all Arab countries, from the stone deserts of Morocco to the mouthwatering oriental desserts in Syria.

Egypt is no exception to this beauty; it is a land characterized by breathtaking sandy dunes, majestic beaches, and kind, humorous people. It’s why Egyptians and expats alike miss Umm Al Donia when they leave; perhaps these photos can help you reminisce over all the enchanting sights you can explore walking through the streets of Egypt.

The Arab World Twitter account sheds beauty on the country’s stunning scenery…

Such as this cloudy day over the coastline of Alexandria…

Or the way the light hits the mosques…

And how the head of the Sphinx lines up with the top of the pyramid from this photo angle…

And this tranquil scene of hot air balloons decorating the Luxor skyline.

The account also sheds light on the smaller instances of beauty hidden in Egypt, the kind of beauty experienced in one’s day-to-day life in the country…

Such as this army soldier making his way back home with a bouquet of flowers for a special someone…

Or this mouthwatering traditional Egyptian breakfast enjoyed while overlooking a farm, consisting of fuul (fava beans), taamia (falafel), gebna bel tamatem (cottage cheese with tomatoes), and other delicious dishes.

And finally, this happy coincidence where a stray cat stood on a car, the license plate of which reads “qitt,” which means “cat” in Arabic.

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Source: egyptianstreets