Ask a Local: Best Ramadan Iftar Spots in Cairo


  For Egyptians, Ramadan transcends a simple religious observance. It becomes the very lifeblood of their nation, its spirit pulsing through the music and energy that fills the streets. Unlike a fleeting event or a static monument, Ramadan’s influence lingers, its spirit persisting long after the month ends and the last crescent moon fades. To truly experience Ramadan like a local, do not just seek out delicious food. Instead, prioritize finding places that capture the authentic spirit of the month, where the atmosphere complements the traditional flavors. Egyptian Streets’ “Ask a Local” series sought the best iftar spots for an authentic Ramadan experience below: Al-Hussein During Ramadan, many people, both Egyptians and foreign visitors, flock to Midan Al-Hussein, a historic area in the heart of Cairo. This vibrant district, also known as “Hayy Al-Bahga Al-Ramadenya” (meaning “The Ramadan Neighborhood of Joy”), embodies the spirit of the holy month in Egypt. Throughout Ramadan, Midan Al-Hussein comes alive with bustling streets filled with friendly greetings and a variety of entertainment options. What makes this area special is the sense of community. People of all ages and backgrounds come together to share tables…

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