Cairo Metro Third Line Last Segment to Open for Public Use


  The Cairo Metro’s third line will be open for a trial operational on 15 May with the completion of its final segment, making the entire eco-friendly line accessible to the public, according to a statement from the Ministry of Transport. Covering a distance of 41.2 kilometers and featuring 34 stations, it is the first major route connecting east and west Greater Cairo. The entire metro line travels 7.1 kilometres, passing through Wadi Al-Nil Street, the League of Arab States, Boulaq Al-Dakrour, Al-Tawfiqia Station to Cairo University. The trial operation encompasses five stations: three underground (Al-Tawfiqia, Nile Valley, and Gamaet Al-Dawul), one surface station (Boulaq Al-Dakrour), and one overhead station (Cairo University). After a successful trial run where all systems – lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, and fire safety – were tested for compatibility and seamless operation, trains will soon move on to dynamic testing. This final phase verifies the safety and security of all project components. This metro line is part of Egypt’s plan to establish a comprehensive green transit network, which also encompasses the Cairo Light Rail Transit system and the high-speed electric train….

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