Celebrating World Thrift Day: 5 Thrift Shops in Egypt

Celebrating World Thrift Day: 5 Thrift Shops in Egypt

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The last day of October may be known as Halloween, but it was also deemed World Thrift Day (also known as World Savings Day) after the first International Thrift Congress in 1924, which was held in Milan, Italy.

World Thrift Day is dedicated to promoting the concept of savings and their significance as a safety net in times of crisis. Opting for thrift shops rather than commercial outlets when shopping for clothes not only saves money, it also helps consumers find items that are unique and help them stand out in the crowd.

To celebrate World Thrift Day, we’ve compiled a list of some of the thrift shops available to consumers in Egypt.

The Space

Located in Maadi, The Space sells clothing and other miscellaneous items on a consignment basis, meaning the shop and the owner of the item both benefit when an item is sold. Their collections vary from month to month, so there are always new potential treasures to explore!

To shop at The Space, visit their website by clicking here or visit the shop at Building 14, Street 210, Degla, Maadi, Cairo.

Good Old Thrift Store

Good Old Thrift Store sells personally-thrifted second-hand clothing in an effort to promote fashion sustainability. Its collection is characterized by its diverse variety tailored to different tastes.

To shop at Good Old Thrift Store, visit their section on the Egyapparel website by clicking here.

Wekala Online

Developed for consumers who may not be able to visit Boulaq’s El Wekala Market in person, Wekala Online was created by women who worked in the fashion industry. It offers a variety of handpicked secondhand clothing items given a second chance at being loved by a new consumer.

To shop at Wekala Online, visit their website by clicking here.


Dayra is an online thrift shop that sells a variety of pre-loved clothing items to promote sustainability and a circular business model where used items are reintroduced into the market rather than thrown away. According to their website, a percentage of all sales goes to Dayra’s charity partners.

To shop at Dayra, visit their website by clicking here.

Retro Cairo

Known for their curated selection, Retro Cairo sells vintage clothing and accessories perfectly in tune with the current retro fashion trend, including vintage men’s shirts and even “ugly” Christmas sweaters.

To shop at Retro Cairo, visit their website by clicking here.

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