Child Abuse, Drugs and Justice: Korean Dramas That Resonate in Egypt


  Sometimes, the most ruthless criminals can express the fiercest loyalty, while the most obedient police officers can be susceptible to betrayal. Sometimes, an allegedly legal action might have hidden illegal motives, while an illegal act might be driven by a greater good. Some carry the weight of their struggles, while others inflict theirs on the world. Some wear their scars, others wield them. Over the last few years, Korean dramas have become widely popular, reaching even Middle Eastern homes. For the most part, they have been celebrated for how they tackle complex issues. Korean dramas remind us that human behavior defies easy categorization, yet one quality reigns supreme: sincerity. It is not wealth, status, or even good deeds that define a character, but the genuineness behind them. Sincerity guides us to someone’s true self, unclouded by circumstance or social judgement. While there are plenty of Ramadan series to choose from, Korean dramas offer an interesting alternative that can ignite self-reflection and contemplation. Below is a list of short Korean dramas that delve into the depth of human nature, tackling key social issues that are also relevant to Egyptian society….

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