Concerns Mount in Khan Younis Following Bombardment Near Nasser Hospital


Nasser Hospital, the largest remaining operational healthcare facility in Gaza is currently functioning at a capacity three times beyond its intended limit, as reported by Médecins sans Frontières (MSF). Located in the southern region of Khan Younis, the hospital has been admitting hundreds of injured patients daily as the conflict shifted to the southern region.  Concerns are mounting that the hospital may face closure due to the impact of Israeli bombardments. A surgeon from MSF highlighted that Israeli forces conducted an intensive bombing near the hospital on Tuesday, 16 January, without issuing an evacuation order beforehand.  Israeli officials have accused Hamas fighters of using Nasser Hospital as a base of operations after their investigation into a rocket fired at their troops in the northern part of Khan Younis this week revealed that it originated from Nasser Hospital. However, medical staff at the hospital deny these allegations.  Residents in the vicinity of Nasser Hospital were compelled to evacuate as Israeli tanks advanced into the district overnight. Palestinian health authorities reported that at least seven individuals lost their lives due to Israeli air raids causing damage to homes in proximity to the…

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