Egypt and Italy Set to Inaugurate Jobs and Migration Center in Cairo


  Minister of Emigration and Expatriates’ Affairs Soha Gendy revealed that Egypt and Italy are set to establish a center for jobs and migration in Cairo, marking a pivotal move in their joint efforts to address irregular migration, according to a statement on Monday, 10 June. During a ceremony commemorating the 78th Italian National Day in Cairo, the minister highlighted that the forthcoming center will mirror the recently established Egyptian-German Centre for Jobs, Migration, and Reintegration (EGC). She underscored the government’s commitment to facilitating Egyptian youth’s access to high-quality vocational training and ensuring their secure employment in labor-friendly markets, with a particular focus on countries that are members of the European Union. In her recent meeting with Italian Ambassador to Egypt Michele Quaroni, Minister Gendy explored avenues to bolster bilateral cooperation across various domains, including the promotion of safe migration, employment training, and addressing migration challenges. Egypt faces challenges stemming from the uncertain political climates in the region, where trafficking, smuggling, and violent extremism pose significant risks of expansion, potentially exacerbating regional instability. Egypt is also grappling with a range of critical domestic issues, including demographic growth and a significant…

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