Egypt Joins Global Alliance to Airdrop Aid to Alleviate Gaza’s Crisis


Egyptian Armed Forces’ have joined a global alliance to carry out airdrops of urgent humanitarian and relief aid in northern Gaza, according to a statement on Wednesday 6 March by the Egyptian Armed Forces’ Spokesman, Gharib Abdel Hafez.  The alliance conducted the airdrops over Northern Gaza, on Tuesday 5 March, according to the UAE Ministry of Defence. Abdel-Hafez said that through “effective Egyptian-Emirati efforts in providing humanitarian assistance to our Palestinian brothers, the purpose of the most recent aid airdrops is to alleviate the severe humanitarian crisis faced by the residents of areas in the strip that are difficult to reach by land transportation.”  The alliance includes air forces from Egypt, Jordan, the United States, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium. The primary objective of the alliance is to address the severe shortage of food and medicine in the affected areas of northern Gaza.  Egyptian and Emirati military transport aircraft have already conducted multiple airdrops, delivering hundreds of tons of aid. The airdrops are part of an extended air bridge operation, with aircraft taking off from El-Arish International Airport to deliver aid to Gaza.  These efforts aim to mitigate the impact…

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