Egypt Ramps Up its Desalination Efforts


Egypt has faced increasing water stress for the past decade. The Nile River, historically a crucial water source for Egypt, now struggles to reach the Mediterranean Sea because of the escalating population demands that have surpassed its capacity. The stress on the Nile is posing a significant risk of water scarcity for drinking purposes. The situation has been exacerbated with the filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which began in 2021. Egypt’s annual water needs are estimated at around 114 billion cubic meters, according to the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation. The majority of the country’s water supply is primarily sourced from the Nile River, with Egypt receiving approximately 55 billion cubic meters annually from the river’s flow. In recent years, the government has been striving to bridge this gap by expanding seawater desalination projects.  According to the Egyptian Center for Strategic Studies, Egypt has increasingly expanded its desalination plants to become the largest owner of such facilities in the Middle East, with around 100 desalination plants with a capacity of 1.2 million cubic meters per day, according to official data from the Ministry of Housing and Urban…

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