Egypt To Open Rafah Border For Gaza Humanitarian Aid


Egypt has announced the creation of a “sustainable” humanitarian aid corridor into Gaza.

The Rafah crossing that opens Egypt to the Gaza Strip would be opened but would not allow many refugees from the Gaza Strip to enter Egypt.

The decision comes a day after US President Joe Biden visited Israel to extend his ‘solidarity’. The office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that limited humanitarian aid would be allowed into Gaza from Egypt following a request from Biden.

Most likely, about 20 trucks will be let through tomorrow morning. The US and Egypt will coordinate their actions with international organizations led by the United Nations.

The president’s visit came after hundreds of people were reported killed in an explosion at a Gaza Strip hospital. There were conflicting claims about who was responsible for the hospital blast. Officials in Gaza quickly blamed an Israeli airstrike. Israel denied it was involved and released a flurry of video, audio and other information that it said showed the blast was due to a missile misfire by Palestine Islamic Jihad, another militant group operating in Gaza. However, the group dismissed that claim.

The war that began on October 7 has become the deadliest of five Gaza wars for both sides. The Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry said Wednesday that 3,478 Palestinians have been killed and more than 12,000 injured in the past 11 days. More than 1,400 people in Israel have been killed, and at least 199 others, including children, were captured by Hamas and taken into Gaza, according to Israeli authorities.