Egypt to Witness 2 Astronomical Phenomena on Thursday


Egypt is to witness on Thursday, 22 February, two remarkable astronomical phenomena, including the Beehive Cluster and the conjunction between Venus and Mars, said Ashraf Tadros, professor of Astronomy at the National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (NRIAG). The Beehive Cluster — also known as M44 — is a captivating open star cluster located in the constellation Cancer. The Beehive can be easily seen through binoculars through the night until 5:00 AM and may often be observed by the naked eye. The second phenomenon is a conjunction between Venus, the brightest planet, and Mars, the Red Planet, at 5:20 AM. In a statement, Tadros said that the two phenomena can be noticed in clear weather, with no clouds or water vapor in the sky….

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