Egypt’s Cotton Is Poised to Return to Global Prominence


Cotton has been one of Egypt’s main exports for over 200 years, but between 2006 and 2016, the production of Egyptian cotton experienced a significant decline, dropping by seventy percent.  To mitigate this decline, which has harmed Egypt’s economy in the past five years, the government has put plans in place to bring back the cash crop to the forefront of world trade. Egyptian cotton plays a significant role in Egypt’s economy, contributing to about 12 percent of the country’s export earnings through the textile industry, as reported by the Egypt Business Directory.  Egypt is working to regain its leading position in the textile industry after Cotton produced in India, China, and the United States gained prominence. This effort is part of a comprehensive national strategy aimed at boosting the private sector’s competitiveness in the textile industry while making optimal use of the country’s resources.  Government interventions, such as the review of cotton production policies in 2017 and the establishment of spinning and weaving factories, have led to noticeable improvements in the quality of Egyptian cotton, as stated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Key initiatives have been launched since…

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