Egypt’s Endangered Species: a Fight Against Extinction


The number of endangered species in Egypt is rapidly rising, and wildlife and marine life are threatened due to illegal poaching and habitat loss, according to the director of the Biodiversity Department within the General Directorate of Nature Conservation, Ayman Hamada. Egypt consists of vast deserts, bordered by the shores of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, and is home to the longest river in the world, the Nile, making it a suitable habitat for various species. Nonetheless, many animals are battling with extinction in Egypt across different natural habitats. Here are some of the most important endangered animals in Egypt: Egyptian Vulture The endangered bird has a small beak that helps it feed on small birds, small fish, and also rotten fruit. The Egyptian Vulture faces endangerment in Egypt due to various reasons, ranging from habitat loss due to urbanization and agricultural expansion, poisoning incidents, human disturbance at nesting sites, accidental power lines electrocution, and illegal hunting. With various habitat protection efforts, banning hunting, and establishment of protected areas, Egyptian authorities are working on preserving the distinctive bird. Dugong Known as the “sea cow”, the Dugong feeds on seagrass…

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