Egypt’s Irrigation Minister reviews water situation during maximum needs period


Egypt’s Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Mohamed Abdel Atty has held a regular meeting with his ministry’s executive bureau to review the water situation in Egypt.

The meeting also looked at the procedures to be followed during the period of maximum water needs, and the rates of project implementation across Egypt.

Abdel Atty stressed the importance of taking all necessary measures to ensure the quality of performance and workflow efficiency for all irrigation and drainage departments nationwide.

He further directed for the continued raising of readiness among the ministry’s agencies during the period of Egypt’s maximum needs. This aims to meet the water needs of all sectors, while continuing to activate emergency rooms across the country to achieve continuous follow-up of water levels and the status of canals and drains.

The emergency rooms should also review the readiness of sectors and bridges at waterways and all stations, as well as the electrical supply lines feeding them.

This includes reviews of the preparation by mobile emergency units, to ensure the provision of the necessary water needs for beneficiaries.

The minister also stressed the need to continue addressing all forms of encroachment on the Nile River, canals and banks in coordination with the state agencies, and to take the legal measures to preserve the waterways from encroachment and pollution.

During the meeting, Abdel Atty reviewed the current executive position of the national project for the rehabilitation of canals, under which 1,722 km of canals have been completed and 5,363 km are being rehabilitated. The necessary funds were provided for the rehabilitation of an additional 1,141 km.

Progress on the national project for transferring from flood irrigation to modern irrigation was also reviewed during the meeting.

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