Egypt’s Journey to Zero Waste: Initiatives Transforming the Nation


As the world observes the International Day of Zero Waste on 30 March, Egypt stands at the forefront of a transformative journey towards effective waste management.  With over 24 million tons of waste produced annually, the country faces significant challenges in this realm. However, through a series of initiatives, Egypt is making remarkable progress in reducing waste and fostering a sustainable future.  Let’s explore Egypt’s commitment to zero waste, highlighting key initiatives that are reshaping the nation’s waste management landscape. Al-Baragil Intermediate Waste Station In March 2021, the Egyptian government inaugurated the Al-Baragil Intermediate Waste Station, representing a significant milestone on the path to proper waste management.  The station can hold 2,000 tons of waste daily, which then gets transported to another facility dedicated to recycling, serving approximately 500,000 residents. This project exemplifies Egypt’s commitment to establishing a robust waste management system. WFP’s “Mesh 3eib Campaign” The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Egypt launched the “Mesh 3eib” campaign during Ramadan, challenging societal perceptions of food abundance.  By fostering mindfulness and sustainability at the Iftar table, the campaign encourages mindful consumption and preparation of food particularly at a time in…

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