In Shape on a Shoestring: Staying in Shape on Your Summer Getaway


We have all been aware of the fitness craze sweeping across Egypt’s popular summer destinations. From the glitzy beach fitness clubs of the North Coast to the trendy hubs of El Gouna, fitness centers and CrossFit gyms have been popping up, offering the latest workout crazes.  However, with membership fees that can quickly add up, accessing these facilities may not be a viable option for many travelers on a budget. Fortunately, fitness coach Mohamed Abdel-Latif shares some insightful tips that can help you stay in shape without breaking the bank, “It all depends on your fitness level and your goals,” Abdel-Latif explains to Egyptian Streets. “In fitness, setting a goal can be the first step towards success, staying fit, and healthy.” One of Abdel-Latif’s go-to recommendations is the humble yet effective beach workout. “Bodyweight exercises like push-ups, squats, lunges, and planks are great on the beach,” he says. “The sand provides an unstable surface that engages your core more, giving you an added challenge.” According to research published in the Physiology and Behavior peer-reviewed journal by Elsevier, body weight training exercises were proven to help build more muscle.  To gain…

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