Inspiring Stories of Strength and Hope from Gaza


“Whatever [the Israelis] have done, they never managed to kill our smiles,” Abul Mu’ti Abd Rabbu, Palestinian film director, once poignantly said. Many struggle to grasp the strength of spirit of Palestinians. They stand like ancient monuments, seemingly impervious to the blows of hardship. How do they keep hope and joy despite such intense loss? How do their spirits continue to rise like city towers, even as their homes get destroyed? Witnessing their journeys, and their acts of resistance and hope, compel us to reflect on the ineffectiveness of destruction when met with reconstruction, and the insignificance of cruelty when confronted with love. Below are inspiring accounts of Palestinians in Gaza who have triumphed over their challenging reality, demonstrating the power of their spirit. Powering lights in a refugee camp For 20 days, living in total darkness without electricity, 15-year-old Hussein Muhammad al-Attar created a gadget to light his family’s tent in Rafah. “I built a wind turbine gadget that produces electricity from motion,” he explained. “Its motor, constructed with magnetic coils, generates power with each rotation. The electricity travels through wires to our tent, providing light.” Like many Palestinian…

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