Israel launch large-scale arrests targeting Palestinians


Israeli Occupation Police Forces have launched a large-scale arrest operation targeting hundreds of Palestinians in the Green Line, inside the occupied territories. 

Israel said that the campaign began on Sunday evening, to “impose order and enforce the law”.

Meanwhile, the Palestinians have accused Israel of launching a revenge campaign against them because of their political stance during the latest aggressions against the besieged Gaza Strip.

According to Israeli media, thousands of police, border guards, and reservists are participating in the campaign to arrest those suspected of having committed “riots” in the past two weeks. About 1,550 Palestinians have so far been arrested, with 150 of them charged.

During the 11-day Israeli aggression against Gaza, hundreds of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories held mass demonstrations against Israel. This led to clashes between Israeli police and the Arab majority, in cities across the territories including Lod, Acre, in addition to the occupied city of Jerusalem. 

About 3 million Arabs have lived under the occupation and direct administration of Israel since 1948. They live in cities that have been considered as Israeli after the establishment of the State of Israel. They have Israeli passports and are represented in the Knesset.

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