Makani Homes: A Trailblazer in Personalized Muslim Travel


In a world where travel has become increasingly impersonal, Makani Homes emerges as a beacon of connection, empowerment, and authentic experiences for Muslim travelers. Founded by Nourin Abubaker and Yara Ourfali, Makani Homes is a groundbreaking home swap platform designed exclusively for Muslim homeowners and hosts worldwide. With its unique “give-to-get” model and commitment to fostering genuine connections, the platform aims to transform the way Muslim travelers explore the world.  The Founders The founders of Makani Homes, Nourin Abubaker and Yara Ourfali, are not only passionate entrepreneurs but also avid travelers themselves. Nourin’s personal experiences exploring 19 countries and Yara’s life journey, living in six different countries, have shaped their vision for Makani Homes. They believe in the power of travel to inspire personal growth and are dedicated to providing tailored and affordable travel experiences for the Muslim community. Looking ahead, Makani Homes aims to transform the future of travel for Muslims worldwide. By facilitating connections, embracing the spirit of adventure, and leveraging the power of community, Makani Homes is redefining travel for the Muslim community.  Through their heartfelt mission, Nourin and Yara envision a world where Muslim travelers can…

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