Marital Rape in Egypt: Voices of the Silenced


Despite Egypt’s legal framework criminalizing rape, marital rape remains a pervasive issue that is not recognized by law. According to the 2021 Egypt Family Health Survey, 6 percent of married women aged 15-49 in Egypt have experienced sexual violence. This includes being physically forced to have sexual intercourse or perform a sexual act, or being threatened to perform a sexual act.  Dr. Wafaa Eltantawy, a psychosexual and relationship therapist, told Egyptian Streets that “Usually, patients don’t call it marital rape because, within the Arab culture and religious context, a sexual relationship is allowed within marriage.”  A Hidden Crisis The Egyptian law criminalizes rape, stating, “Whoever lies with a female without her consent shall be punished with the death penalty or life imprisonment.” However, marital rape—sexual intercourse with a spouse without their consent—is not criminalized. “There is a lot of misinformation about marital rape and consent in Egypt, especially in light of Islamic and Christian teachings, so it’s hard to find a clear representation of marital rape and definition,” Eltantawy shared with Egyptian Streets. The state religion of Egypt is Islam, and Egyptian family law mandates that wives should obey their…

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