Michelin Star Chefs Ignite Egypt’s Food Scene


Egypt’s culinary landscape is undergoing a remarkable transformation, thanks to the presence of internationally acclaimed Michelin star chefs who have chosen to make their mark in the country.  Leading the way is the esteemed Michelin star chef Luke Fouracre, whose culinary talents can be savored at Osteria Restaurant, in New Cairo. Chef Fouracre’s unwavering commitment to culinary excellence shines through in his creations, such as the heavenly Tempura halloumi, tantalizing Cauliflower and truffle arancini, and the exquisite lemon olive oil cake, each showcasing his passion for innovative flavors.  His artistry in the kitchen has elevated Osteria to new heights, making it a must-visit destination for food connoisseurs seeking an extraordinary dining experience. Stepping into the spotlight is also legendary Chef Christian Le Squer, a three Michelin star maestro, who has chosen The Smokey Restaurant as his canvas for culinary innovation.  With an illustrious career spanning decades, Chef Le Squer’s creations are a symphony of flavors, textures, and artistic presentation. Chef Le Squer’s culinary prowess is unmatched, as evidenced by his masterful creations like the Shrimp Risotto and the Chicken Truffle Pappardelle, solidifying his status as an extraordinary culinary force. Enter…

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