Ramadan TV Shows to Watch Out For


In contemporary Arab culture, few traditions rival the steadfastness of the post-Iftar family gatherings centered around watching the newest Ramadan series on TV. It is a cherished custom during the sacred month of Ramadan, where a diverse array of series spanning all genres grace the screens night after night, fostering dialogue and continually birthing new stars across generations, season after season. The Holy month begins this year on 11 March and there is a big list of stars that are coming on the Egyptian screen this year. Atabet Al-Bahga The dramatic series follows a man in his seventies reflecting on his past life and his relationship with his grandchildren. It’s based on a novel written by Ibrahim Abdul Majeed in 2005. The TV series is directed by Magdy Abu Amera and stars the versatile Yahya Al Fakharani, Jumana Murad, Sayed Ragab, Sama Ibrahim, Gehan El-Shamashergy, and Dounia Maher. The TV series will consist of 15 episodes and will be available on WATCHIT.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOM5i0ki_QY&ab_channel=WATCHIT Khaled Nour w Wladou Nour Khaled The series is a comedy that revolves around marital and family conflict. It’s a short 15-episode series, directed by Mohamed…

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