realme amazes the Egyptian market with realme 8 series


realme the world’s fastest-growing brand in the field of smartphone technology and artificial intelligence products, achieves continuous success, via its numbered series smartphone collection.

The young company with the slogan “Dare to Leap” will launch its latest smartphone in the Egyptian market, to amaze fans of its smartphone products featuring high capabilities at a competitive price, to announce its intention to launch the Dual Flagship the realme 8 series, which is enhanced with the latest technology that addresses the younger generation to meet their needs. It satisfies their ambitions while achieving the highest levels of user satisfaction.

The official launch of the Dual Flagship realme 8 & realme 8 Pro smartphones in Egypt will be late this month, specifically at 8:00 pm Monday, May 31, 2021, in a virtual event that will be broadcasted through the company’s social media platforms on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

The realme 8 series is expected to achieve unprecedented success in the Egyptian market due to its use of the latest technology and its superior capabilities, as it comes with a super-clear quad-camera with a 108MP Samsung HM2 sensor that makes taking pictures an endless pleasure with really clear quality, and a professional experience full of details. In addition, the realme 8 series phone uses the highest quality of manufacturing components and a modern slim design that meets the needs of its users and satisfies their aspirations, especially the youth.

realme is always striving to improve its role as one of the leading companies in the development of compact camera technology in its smartphones, as it was one from the first companies in the world to support its phones with a quad camera, which started with the launch of the realme 5 series and then launched the world’s first 64-megapixel with the realme XT.

Since realme is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry, and a leader in the high-capability smartphone industry, realme has succeeded in gaining the confidence of 70 million users of its products from around the world of which 40 million are numbered series smartphone users.  This confirms once again the strength and uniqueness of these phone series and distinguishes them from their counterparts from other brands, as they provide high performance with an appealing user experience that is highly professional and sophisticated.

In Egypt, realme has achieved a distinguished set of successes on multiple levels. For example, realme obtained the confidence of 2.5 million users for all its products, including 1.1 million of number series smartphone users, and a market share of 13.2%.  This significant market share ranks realme as the

fourth largest smartphone producing company operating in the Egyptian market, according to the latest report by IDC report, which specializes in market research & share in the technology sector.

realme is betting strongly on the success of the realme 8 series thanks to its advanced capabilities, which are comparable to other flagship phones by other brands but selling at a competitive price that will be unmatched in the market.

Despite the young age of the company, which does not exceed 4 years, realme became the world’s fastest-growing brand in the smartphone industry during the year 2020 with growth rates of about 65%. realme is ranked seventh among all growing brands listed in about 61 countries. 

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