Short Circuits and Fires: The Hidden Risks of Power Cuts


Frequent power outages, part of a load-shedding plan presented by the Egyptian government, are leaving residents frustrated over the disruptions to their daily lives, and the scorching heat they can not evade using an air conditioner or a fan when electricity is out. Amidst this inconvenience, there is also a growing fear of the potential damage to their electrical appliances caused by these power cuts. Fluctuations in electrical currents are not limited to mere power outages; their implications are far more consequential, potentially resulting in short circuits that can lead to fires if left unattended.  A short circuit is when an electric current travels along an unintended path, connecting two points of unmatched voltage in an electrical circuit. This abnormal flow of electrical current can lead to overheating, damage to the circuit components or device, and possibly cause a fire. Al Ahram Studio caught fire on 16 March this year due to a short circuit, according to a police investigation. Several other fires caused by short circuits have occurred in recent months throughout Egypt.  A few months after the Al Ahram Studio incident, on 3 June, a short circuit fire…

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