Sisi Secures Third Term as Egypt’s President Until 2030


Incumbent Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi was re-elected for a third term in office on 18 December, with 89.6 percent of the vote amid a turnout of 66.8 percent, announced the National Elections Authority (NEA). Over 39 million and 702 thousand Egyptians voted for Sisi out of a total of about 44 million and 777 thousand votes. The number of eligible voters sat at a little over 67 million, with turnout at 66.8 percent. The landslide victory, which was largely expected, mirrors his previous election victories in 2018 and 2014 – receiving 97 percent of citizens’ votes both times. His electoral rivals – Hazem Omar, Farid Zahran, and Abdel Sanad Yamama – collected 4.5 percent, four percent, and 1.9 percent of the vote respectively. This marks Sisi’s third consecutive term in office, serving as head of state until 2030. DIDN’T SISI ALREADY RUN FOR A SECOND TERM? The Egyptian president was first sworn into office on 8 June, 2014, but came into power as the de facto leader of the country during the 30 June Revolution in 2013. Sisi was sworn into office for a second term on 3 June,…

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