Sling TV: Your Gateway to This Year’s Top Arabic Dramas


Ramadan, a month of spiritual reflection and community, arrives this year on March 10. For many Arabic-speaking households, it’s also synonymous with a captivating array of television dramas expressly crafted for the season.

With over 60 original series poised for release this Ramdan, Sling TV is the go-to platform for US-based audiences eager to be part of this unique cultural experience.

Sling TV opens the door for US-based audiences to indulge in Egyptian and Arab content, courtesy of its premium live TV channels and the largest Arabic on-demand libraries globally, which include Shahid, MySatGo, beIN and more. For many Egyptians and Arabs based in the US, Sling TV is their gateway to Ramadan gems from home. Presenting an all-in-one entertainment solution, Sling TV also allows subscribers to include live American TV channels and on-demand content into their libraries.

This Ramadan, Sling TV subscribers will gain a front-row seat to the most anticipated dramas. They’ll delve into the worlds of Al Hashasheen, Taj, Al Atawla, Meem Empire, El Maddah: Ostouret El Awda, Said El Aqareb, and countless other highly anticipated series.

With customizable packages and enticing Ramadan offers like the $60 annual Al Maalem plan (providing a 50 percent discount) and a three-day free trial across all Arabic packages, Sling TV ensures accessibility to the top shows and channels from the Middle East and North Africa.

Why Sling TV is the Perfect Choice this Ramadan

Beyond simply watching the shows, Sling TV empowers US-based Arabic audiences to fully engage in the Ramadan television tradition. Audiences will be able to avoid the spoilers and fear of missing out, becoming active participants in the water-cooler conversations sparked by this year’s most watched dramas.

Ramadan viewing is often a shared experience, and with Sling TV, families and friends in the US can gather to break their fasts together, then immerse themselves in the intricate storylines and shared cultural references that make these series so compelling.

For those seeking the most comprehensive access to Arabic Ramadan programming coupled with special discounts, Sling TV is an undeniably attractive choice. Visit Sling TV’s website for detailed package information and to start your Ramadan entertainment journey with a free three-day trial.

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