Spotify Wrapped 2023: What Did Egypt Listen to?


Spotify unveiled its most-anticipated year-end feature, Spotify Wrapped, on 29 November, rolling out the most listened to artists, songs, and podcasts that have left their mark on over 574 million people worldwide during the year . Egypt’s Spotify Wrapped 2023 list indicated that there was an expanding influence of local music and podcasts, revealing that there was a 224 percent increase in local music consumption in Egypt. Spotify observed that there was a continuous surge in the streaming of Egyptian music across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Seven out of the 10 most-streamed Arab artists were Egyptian creators. Leading the charts were Essm Sasa, who reigned as the top-streamed artist in Egypt and across MENA, and Egyptian rapper Wegz, who was featured in the most-streamed artist category in the MENA region. Across the MENA region, the top-streamed Arab artists featured a diverse range of Egyptian talent that span across distinct genres and musical eras, including Amr Diab, Ahmed Saad, Marwan Pablo, as well as Indie-Rock band Cairokee, whose album Roma claimed the most-streamed album in Egypt. There were also various new voices who debuted on the list,…

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