The Best Mosques in Egypt for Taraweeh Prayers


Taraweeh, the plural word of ‘Tarweeha,’ which means ‘rest’ in Arabic, is the propitious ritual of the holy month of Ramadan, where Muslims gather to stand side by side and pray together. Mosques in Cairo during Ramadan become crowded after the Isha prayer, as people follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed and perform Taraweeh prayer. Mosques play an important role in creating a spiritual Islamic atmosphere, depending on the place, the architecture, the Sheikh, and the religious and historical significance. Some of the most sacred and ancient mosques in the world are in Cairo, Egypt, and each has its character that plays a great part in the spirit of Ramadan. Amr Ibn al-As Mosque It is one of the oldest mosques in Egypt and Africa, built in the year 642 by the Arab Commander and companion of the Prophet Muhammad, ) in Egypt’s Islamic capital, Fustat. Located in the Religious Complex in Old Cairo, it was built in the traditional Islamic style, with a large central courtyard, four minarets, and a prayer hall with a domed roof. Despite most of its original structure being replaced over the years, the…

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