The Power of Food Reviewers: a Double-Edged Sword in Restaurant Marketing


In today’s digital age, food reviewers have emerged as influential figures in the culinary world, wielding the power to make or break a restaurant’s reputation. With their dedicated followers and fanbase, these reviewers have become an integral part of many establishments’ marketing strategies, helping to popularize new eateries and boost their success.  Some of Egypt’s most popular food reviewers include Foodista Egypt, Food With Soli (Ramy Soliman), Omar’s Food (Omar Shabrawy), Cairo Food Couple, and The Giraffe Eats. Their content is widely prevalent across platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok which has emerged as the favored platform for influencer marketing, boasting the highest level of popularity among marketers. The act of reviewing is not limited to Egypt alone. In the UK, the Food Review Club holds the title of being the country’s top food reviewer, engaging in a similar practice of reviewing food. In the US, Dave Portnoy’s One Bite Barstool Pizza Review is a popular channel that primarily focuses on reviewing pizza. It’s the same story but in different contexts. Nonetheless, both of these examples share a common thread: their dedication to reviewing and critiquing food. However, this…

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