UNGA Votes for Immediate Gaza Ceasefire: 153 Nations Stand Together


In a powerful demonstration of global support for ending the war on Gaza, the United Nations General Assembly voted on Tuesday 12 December to demand an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.  The resolution received support from 153 members of the 193 members, faced opposition from 10, and had 23 abstentions. The United States and Israel, along with eight other countries: Austria, Czechia, Guatemala, Liberia, Micronesia, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, and Paraguay were against the resolution. Unlike Security Council resolutions, General Assembly decisions are not legally binding, meaning that countries are not obligated to implement them. However, the resolution’s passage sends a powerful message, urging nations, especially the United States to regard UN demands as binding and uphold international humanitarian law. It also demands that all parties comply with international humanitarian law.  The assembly rejected a proposed amendment by the United States to include a paragraph condemning “terrorist attacks by Hamas.” Another amendment by Austria, suggesting that captives held by Hamas and other groups should be released immediately, also did not pass the vote. The United States’ veto of a previous Security Council resolution demanding a humanitarian ceasefire prompted Arab nations…

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