Uniting for Gaza: Calls for Ceasefire Echo Worldwide


Protestors around the globe took to the streets of London, Glasgow, Manila, Zagreb, Paris, and Berlin on 24 and 25 November to call for justice for Palestinians. The protests marked the sixth consecutive weekend of demonstrations, urging an end to the Israeli war on Gaza and a permanent ceasefire.  Tens of thousands of protestors flooded central London on 25 November, chanting for a permanent ceasefire as the four-day truce entered its second day. The demonstrators expressed optimism during the temporary truce but emphasized that without a permanent resolution, it is merely a pause in a long-standing conflict. The Metropolitan Police arrested 18 people during demonstrations. Over in Scotland, Hundreds of demonstrators rallied for peace in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Demonstrators held signs and banners which included ones saying “ceasefire now” and “stop the genocide.” Beyond the UK, international cities resonated with calls for an end to the Israeli war on Gaza. In Berlin, people gathered to demand an end to Israeli aggression and express solidarity with Palestinians. As for Paris, the city witnessed mixed pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli activism, as authorities banned pro-Palestinian protests and promised to protect Jews from “resurgent antisemitism”…

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