Unsafe Journeys: The Dark Side of Cairo’s Ride-Sharing Revolution


The bustling streets of Cairo have seen a remarkable rise in the use of ride-sharing services, offering a convenient solution for navigating the city’s traffic.  However, this booming industry has also exposed a troubling undercurrent of safety concerns for women, who face a range of harrowing experiences that threaten their safety. The tragic story of Habiba Al-Shamaa, known as the “Al Shorouk Girl,” is a reminder of the dangers women can face while using these services.  Al-Shamaa died on 14 March 2024, after jumping out of a car last February, fearing a kidnapping attempt by an Uber driver who allegedly sprayed perfume inside the vehicle, making her feel threatened. An eyewitness reported that Al-Shamaa opened the backdoor and jumped out, informing the bystander that the driver had attempted to abduct and assault her before passing out. The driver was then sentenced to 15 Years and fined  EGP 50,000 (USD 1,036) on Monday, 15 April. Beyond the tragic story of Al-Shamaa, numerous other accounts illustrate the pervasive violence, disrespect, and abuse that women face daily when using ride-share services in Egypt. To further explore this issue, Egyptian Streets interviewed four women…

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