Unveiling the Path: Inspiring Journeys of Egyptian Streets Journalists


In the dynamic world of writing and journalism, the path to success is often paved with passion, determination, and a relentless pursuit of truth. Aspiring writers and journalists often wonder how to embark on this exhilarating journey, seeking guidance and inspiration.  Today, we delve into the stories and experiences of the journalists at Egyptian Streets and their careers. Through their narratives, we uncover the sparks that ignited their passion and the challenges they overcame, offering a glimpse into the world of writing and journalism. Shereif: Filling Information Gaps and Making a Difference Shereif Barakat, a Political Science graduate, discovered his passion for writing and journalism through his love for reading and writing from a young age.  Recognizing the lack of information among the younger generation about Egyptian affairs, he took a bold step during the pandemic by creating an Instagram news platform. This venture, which provided visually appealing and easily digestible news, gained significant traction and ignited a fire within Barakat to make a difference.  Today, as part of one of the country’s largest independent news outlets, his journey stands as a testament to the impact that quality news can…

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