US Rapper Macklemore Releases Song for Palestine


American rap artist Macklemore, known for hit songs like ‘Thrift Shop’ and ‘Can’t Hold Us’, released ‘Hind’s Hall’ on 6 May – a song in solidarity with Palestine. The rapper’s latest three-minute track draws inspiration from global student protests and honouring 6-year-old Hind Rajab, recently killed by the Israeli military in Gaza. The song, sampling Fairuz’s ‘Ana La Habibi’ for the instrumental, also addresses the American experience of witnessing the war on Gaza. Macklemore highlights the ongoing police brutality on peaceful protestors, signs of white supremacy, youth activism, and challenging the current government. “The people, they won’t leave…What is threatening about divesting and wanting peace…Block the barricade until Palestine is free,” Macklemore raps at the start. Speaking out on the Israel-Gaza conflict, he critiques law enforcement’s role in oppressing protests. The song encourages listeners to stand up for justice, particularly in solidarity with Palestine, asking, “What if you were in Gaza? What if those were your kids?” Macklemore later highlights the existing Jewish support for Palestine, stating that it is not anti-Semitic to oppose Israel’s “apartheid system” in his lyrics. Proceeds from the track, which remain unavailable on streaming platforms,…

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