Women in Power: Egypt’s Six Female Ministers at the Helm


  Of Egypt’s population of 111 million, 49.8 percent are female, and of 30 ministries in Egypt, six are led by women, marking 20 percent. Years of hard work to empower women and advocate their rights have proven transformative; in the Egyptian presidential elections of 2024, 60 percent of the voters were women, totaling 26 million. Women in the Egyptian parliament secure 162 seats, representing 27% of the House of Representatives. Here are Egypt’s six female Ministers in 2024: H.E. Dr. Soha Gendi – Minister of Emigration and Expatriate Affair Serving as the Minister of Emigration and Expatriate Affairs since August 2022, Gendi is a prominent figure in Egyptian diplomacy. Before her ministerial role, she worked at the Egyptian Embassy in Germany and Romania and served as the Acting Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York. H.E. was also the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for African Organizations and Assemblies. H.E.’s achievements extend academically, as Gendi holds a diploma in International Relations from the German Development Institute, a Bachelor’s degree in English Language from Ain Shams University, and a Master’s degree in Mediterranean Studies from Cairo University. H.E….

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