25 years after, Kate Henshaw, Ramsey Noah reunite on movie set


With well over 25 years since they last featured in a movie together, popular actor, Ramsey Noah and actress Kate Henshaw are back on set of a new movie.

Kate an actress and fitness expert and Ramsey were the toast of many movie lovers back in the days as they held many people spell bound for many years with their movies.

While it was rumoured back then that there was more to their closeness than meet the eye, information gathered revealed that they were only professional actors playing their roles.

Sharing a new picture of them together on a movie set, Kate on her Instagram page said the last time they both appeared in the same movie was 1996, in the movie entitled Silent Night.

Expressing her joy to be reuniting with the light skinned actor, Kate said ” The last time we worked together was in the movie Silent Night. God has been ever good and still is. For the journey so far and that we are still here is worth celebrating,” she added.