Actor Gideon Okeke announces birth of his second child


Nigerian actor, Gideon Okeke, has made known the birth of his second child with his heartthrob, Chidera Uduezue.

He went on his Instagram page to break the news recently with a picture in which he exaulted God for his love.

He posted:

“August is here. 7:7:21, the Lord perfects it in the multiple of seven,”

“The King is here. I am born again. Mother and child are blissful.”

In a continuation post, he shared his wife’s maternity picture, followed by a lengthy caption he poured on his wife, who is the mother of two with a romantic praise.

He also unveiled the name of the new born baby.

“Mama Bear Dera. Cheers to the custodian of my legacy, cheers to the nurturer of my seeds. Cheers to my love assignment,” Gideon wrote.

“Wherever one is headed, the destination is as good as the person you’re riding a shotgun with. God has blessed me by you. I’m humbled as we welcome: August Kaobi Okeke.

“Thank you Dera, welcome back. But this country nor fit you at all.”