Actor Okon slams Rev Fr Mbaka over comment on Peter Obi


Nollywood Actor, Okon Lagos has slammed Catholic priest Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka over what he said about presidential aspirant of Labour Party, Peter Obi.

It will be recalled that on Wednesday, Mbaka during a ministration in Enugu State disclosed that Obi does not worth being the president of Nigeria because he is a stingy person.

Reacting to Mbaka statement, Okon said God, not Mbaka does not have the final say on Obi’s fate in the upcoming 2023 election.

He wrote: “This is such a shame. Anyways for me, whenever I go to any church or place of worship, I ask myself this: “if Jesus Christ were to come here now with a whip in hand, will I be flogged too?”.

“While he was conducting the purge in the temple with a whip, he said “my father’s house is a house of prayer, but you have turned it into a den of thieves!!

“Always pray to God to give you the discerning enablement to distinguish between a house of prayer and a den of thieves because in nearly all cases, they look exactly the same. Appearance is not reality.”