Actress, Biola Bayo fights dirty with troll over Bimbo Akintola


Nollywood actress, Biola Bayo, has strongly criticized a troll for making an insensitive comment directed at Bimbo Akintola.

In an Instagram post, Biola shared a screenshot of the distasteful comment left by the troll on Bimbo Akintola’s page, in which he also tagged Biola.

The troll mocked Bimbo for not having a child and suggested that she should consider surrogacy, following Biola Bayo’s example.

“From 18 years to 50 years, you act proud, being too selective with men because you think you’re beautiful and can speak good English. And you let all his fancy rubbish leave you empty-handed without a child or husband. Auntie, go for ‘Surrogate.’ Let someone carry a baby for you like @biolabayo so that you will not leave this world empty.”

Expressing her outrage, Biola Bayo questioned the troll’s cruelty and tried to understand the motive behind such an insensitive comment.

She also questioned why the troll chose to leave such a disgusting comment on her page and even tag her in it.

“Why are people this wicked?? I can’t even comprehend this… How can you leave this kind of comment on Aunty Bimbo’s @bimboakintola page and tag me? What’s all this?

@nailsonpoint_with_ox, you’re evil. How do you reason?”