Actress Idia Aisien reveals how a stranger presented her range rover two years ago


Nigerian actress, Idia Aisien has narrated how a stranger presented her a Range Rover as Valentine’s Day gift two years ago.

She revealed this in the latest episode of ‘Me, Her and Everything Else’ podcast hosted by Stephanie Coker.

According to Idia, the unknown outsider had conversed with her on Instagram and thereafter planned the surprise present.

“I got a Range Rover, not the one I currently have and it was not from someone I knew. I swear on everything that I have that it was somebody that had chatted me on Instagram,” she said.

“He planned with my followers, he planned with people that I knew, he planned with my friends and they sent a Range Rover.

“Inside the Range Rover, there was like champagne, there was like a teddy bear, there was a cake, there were flowers, as in I thought it was very thoughtful.”

She however said the car was eventually sold out because her family go against the gesture.

“Sadly, my family didn’t let me keep it. I even asked him ‘do you want it back?’, he didn’t want it back so I ended up selling it.”

By Damilola Olufemi