Actress Kiitan Bukola urges women to be submissive to men


Nollywood actress, Kiitan Bukola, has urged women to be courteous and submissive to men.

She said, in truth, men are in charge as against the deliberation of gender equality between both – she sees men as natural leaders.

Kiitan also pointed out that the beauty of a woman subsides with age, and when this happens, it’s almost difficult to find a man, unlike a 50-year-old man who can still get married to a young, beautiful lady if he so decides at that age.

She said, “Dear ladies whether we like it or not…a man is the head of the family.. Let us normalize being submissive and respectful. U see this S.M ehn, it will make u think we have equal right with them, but in actual sense. Na them be d boss oo. No matter how beautiful, hot, sexy u are. When u reach 50 yrs max. U go retire, beauty go fade, but a man at 50 years can conveniently marry a sweet 16/18 yrs old girl. If u use their eyes see shege now.

Remember a time will come when market go finish inside ur shop oo table don turn be dat.. especially if they com get money.”

By Damilola Olufemi